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Jennifer Kerns is a branded contributor to The Blaze and an Op-Ed contributor to The Washington Times, writing about the 2nd Amendment, limited government, religious liberty, the future of the GOP, Breaking News, and Political Hot Topics.

In her previous life as a GOP political consultant, she was the winningest Press Secretary in the West - not losing a single election in nearly a decade in tough blue states and battleground states.

She served as Spokeswoman for the historic Colorado Recalls, as Spokeswoman for the California Republican Party, twice an Appointee of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, as one of the youngest female deputies to serve as an Assistant Secretary of State, and as Spokeswoman for the landmark Prop. 8 which went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. She specialized in Media, Statewide Ballot Initiatives, Statewide Candidates, Special Events, Town Halls, and Crisis Communications to a daily audience of 37 Million people.

Proud of her ability to win over tough liberal reporters and coalitions, she made her mark by being the first Press Secretary in history (Republican or Democrat) to win 52 unanimous endorsements from such liberal publications as the Los Angeles TimesSan Francisco Chronicle and the Spanish-language La Opinion – arguably among the toughest Press Corps in the largest State in the nation.